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Hello everyone,
I would like to share a photo of a knife I crafted for a friend. The blade is bed frame steel, the handle is bloodwood with polyurethane finish. He requested a black blade. This was my 8th knife I believe.

The blade was quenched in motor oil, and tempered in a toaster oven at 400F for an hour. The rune is carved in the blade with a dremel tool while soft.

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Aloha CG. Nice skinner. What is it for, Wild pigs? Mmmm, Kalua pig! How do you forge bed frame steel? Do you/could you fold and forge weld it, or would that be asking for trouble? I have gathered several complete bed frames and am trying to determine the best way to utilize them. Aloha - Robert

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I am a beginner blade maker so I can't really answer the questions. The bed frame is designed to take a lot of abuse and when it first arrives it is so hard I can't drill through it so it must have decent carbon content. The metal is probably a collection of various metals melted all together to form the bed frames so I am pretty sure it is not super high quality or consistent, but it does seem to harden well and hold an edge. The greatest advantage is it is already pretty thin as compared to a leaf spring.

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