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I Forge Iron

need a little advice

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Since I have regain some of my spare time I have been working in my shop more now and I desided to scrap my old propane forge plans and cook up a new one, and
I was playing with my fire bricks, to give my self an idea how I may do it, and inside the chamber its 9" high,8" wide, with a 4" wide chamber door and I was wondering what is consider a "large forge" or " small forge"


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It all sort of depends on what kind of burner you have, how many you plan on using and if you want to be able to hit a welding heat with your forge. A quick back of the napkin calculation indicates you're looking at 648 cubic inches of interior space.

Ron Reil's forge design page has a bunch of great info regarding BTU per cubic inch and burners per cubic inch required to weld.

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