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6" honyaki wa-santuko

Justin Carnecchia

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Hi, I have been working on this knife for some time. I had picked a handle material, and then it didn't come and didn't come, problem at the post office or something. Well I gave up on the wood but not the knife. I have an old gnarly aspen stump lying around so I fired up the chainsaw, cut a piece off and threw it in the stabilizing jar. Well that was last week and now I got the handle together, wouldn't ya know the beautiful chestnut burl I ordered finally came. Well I think I like the aspen more.

So here it is: 6.25" blade 12" overall with a balance right at the heel, differentialy hardened W2 tool steel honyaki wa-santuko with spalted aspen handle and buffalo horn ferule. It is all done but the horn still needs polished. Here the pics.


So that's it, thanks for looking let me know what you think, -Justin

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Hey, thanks guys!

Horus, I didn't do a single bevel because I have never seen it on a santuko. It is my understanding that the santuko is a newer design intended to be a practical all around knife, where most af the traditional single beveled knives are very task specific. I have seen gyutos with the single bevel or a 70/30 bevel though and they are of the very thin multi task variety like the santuko, I have been thinking of doing that with the gyuto I make. How's that katana coming? would love to see some pics :)

Thanks Rich, I am hoping the stabilization will adress the issue of cracking. I'll keep my fingers crossed, I have not worked with it before so it is a bit of an experiment.

Thanks again, -Justin

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