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This is a Unity candle I made for my kid sister's wedding this past June. The cross is 1" square and the four parts are attached with angle iron pieces with rivets. A 1/4" round bar is tied in a knot placed in the middle(for her tying the knot...haha). It is about 15'' tall. base is about 8"x11" I think. Everything is riveted, tenoned, or screwed together(the candle cups). They were happy with the outcome and so was I.

I had a lot of help with making it all come together from "yesteryearforge". I am lucky to have a good hand to siphon my hallucinations into finished items. And to remind me that no matter the project it is all a bunch of small steps.

Hoping to get into the forge soon to practice some more...





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On so many levels and in so many ways, I really like that piece!

May your sister and your new brother have a wonderful road ahead of them!

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