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Hi to All A.B.A.S.A. Members,

We had a fantastic meeting on July 28th, with a great turnout and a heap of enthusiasm chucked in. We have a lot on the burner, with the establishment of a home base, the installation of our three power hammers and developing a training manual to get our members off to a flying start in blacksmithing. Equipment donations are still flowing in, keeping me busy cataloging for the database. The training program is being refined by our most senior smiths, Geoff Barnes and Des Mumme, and will be formatted by our Vice Pres Wayne Bickley.
Wayne, as a high school teacher, is also on the road to establishing a training regimen for his school students, so it will be advantageous to have a standardized manual of training. I'd like to thank everyone who has renewed their memberships for the next year and thereby supporting our association, and to the small band of really dedicated members who travel the hundreds of kilometers each month to attend the country forges within our state. There is nothing sadder than opening an old forge and seeing cobwebs across the bed of coke and dust on the anvil.
We have two workshops this month so I hope to see you book a place and come down for a hit. We should have a couple of the large forges going with the electric blowers, giving everyone a larger and deeper fire to take a heat.
Cheers for now and I hope to see you round the fire.

Rob Kenning
Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia.

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