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Bug on Jake, First off ref WI supplier in UK I personally would not and do not go there, I have my reasons and will stand by them. I did start to post a response to JK last night as I was respondin

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15 hours ago, beth said:

Now don't go taking it personally Frosty :) he's probably just not much on the forums recently, these things are cyclical - well, they are for me.... 

Okay, I'll t-r-y not to. Last I heard from him I think he was traveling around Europe then poof.

Is he and Phil still working on that old steamer? Did he get is shop rebuilt after the Yukon flooded Galena out so badly a couple breakups ago? IIRC what kept it from being carried away was his 25lb. Little Giant and anvil.

How often do you get to Alaska? I'm sure you're flying into Fairbanks and taking an air taxi or river boat to Galena so I won't be bummed you don't drop by our place here. If you ever fly into Anchorage give me a shout.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yes it's all cool since the flood although I think most people lost a Lot of kit at that time.. and stuff that was saved all got full of silt and river crap etc.. the anvil and hammer remain, but the hammer needs a total overhaul. Jake seems to get along great with his hand crank forge his own home made fuel and a hand hammer, so I don't think he's in a tearing hurry to have that thing in pieces :) The carving axe I posted was made in that way.

Yes it's quite a job to get to Galena - I don't know when I'll next get there - sooner the better! Thanks for the offer frosty! 


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