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Hi to all the Blacksmiths out there.

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Hello everyone,

It's great to have a presence on iforge and I thank Glenn for the invitation. I hope everyone has a chance to view our new site at artistblacksmithsa.org.au
I visit iforge regularly so if anyone has any questions or queries you can throw them my way. I'd like to thank all the contributors to this site,
as you all make the craft more enjoyable for everyone, whether they are new to the craft or seasoned blacksmiths.
I look forward to participating where I can.

Best Regards,
Rob Kenning
Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia.

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hello i am new to this site and i dont really know my way round it yet so sorry if i have got this wrong.
i am lee pickard a artsit blacksmithing student from the u.k i am graduating from my degree in artsit blacksmithing in july this year and i would really like to find some work/ experience in austrailia if at all possible, i posted on the british artist blacksmithing face book page and they said to get in touch with you guys which makes a lot of sense really. i was just wondering if you could give me some adivice or contacts or know anyone that is looking for someone etc. this would be really helpful thankyou

i hope your all well and are having a good week

lee pickard.

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Hi Lee,
I don't know of anyone in South Australia that is looking for help, but will keep my ear to the ground. You are very welcome to pay us a visit if you are over here. We hold workshops twice a month and have had another Lee from the UK do some forging demonstrations. He was also a graduate form Hereford and was in Oz for quite awhile before returning to the UK. The Victorian, Western Australian, New South Wales and Queensland associations may be able to offer some incite into the current availability of openings. Let me know if you wish to contact any of them, or they may spot this post and offer up some news.
Best of luck and I hope we catch up one day.
Rob Kenning-Secretary-Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia.

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