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Canedy Otto paper spacers


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I recently purchased a Royal Western Chief; during disassembly (how else could I see how the innards work?) and cleaning out the old sludge, I noticed that there are washers on either end of all the gears. These washers are made out of some sort of very stiff paper (or some other fibrous material) and seem to be used to maintain spacing between the gears and the casting - are these indeed spacers? Does anyone know where I can purchase either actual spacers or the material to make them? Some of the spacers were shredded so as a temporary fix I replaced them with gasket material but I suspect that the gasket stuff isn't as strong as the original spacers.


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I am not able to help on the spacers for your application, but you can get the fibrous washers from McMaster Carr.


Thanks, I'll check them out and see what I can find.
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