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welding rod suggestion help!

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Hey guys,

I run an AC only 220 amp Hobart welder. Currently I am working on making some propane burners for some forges, I am using 3/32" 6013 rods for welding up the tube on the burner.

I am getting good deposit, good penetration, but When i leak test for gas I always find a pin hole or two and I have to go back and touch up the holes. was

wondering if there is a rod thats better suited to the task of making gas tight welds!

Thanks for any suggestions!:P

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I just happen to have about 5 lbs of 6011 rods, though there a little too big for the application...

Just did some leak testing under 30 psi propane and only had 4 pin hole leaks, ( too small to see with out soapy water) , zapped the holes with what the 6013 rods i have left and rechecked.

no leaks!

the next set i build I am gonna try welding em with 6011 and see the difference. one question though, is the 6011 rods pretty sensitive moisture? these were kept in a drawer with a desiccant....

Just wondering if I am gonna have to bake em.<_<

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6011 as others have said.

6011 cuts/digs/penetrates a lot more than 6013 so you'll need to pay more attention to heat control and work fast.

don't worry about moisture with 6011 (i mean, other than keeping it out of the rain). you only really need to worry about that with low-hydrogen rods like 7018.

personally, i use 6010/6011 for about 90%+ of my welding jobs...it's great stuff. i HATE 6013!

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6011 is one of the best AC rods made. They work well on DC as well. Just remember a 6011 does not have near as much slag as a 6013 or 7018. If I were you, I would grab some scrap and run a few beads with it.. One big difference between a 6011 and a 6013 rod is you don't really drag them like the 6013. More of a whipping motion. Not hard to do though. You can either whip it or make small circles. Either way works well.


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