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I was at a rondy the past weekend in Bentensport, Iowa. Nice and warm and sleepin in a tent down by the Des Moines River. Lotta friends there. Made a new acquaintence. Oakwood Forge from Fairfield, Iowa (posts here) and his wife stopped by and we actually stumbled into meeting each other (he saw my touchmark and referenced it from pics on this site). Small world. ZW ( whom I met years ago on the Pub) was on the way through and he was also set up at the rondy. ZW is from New Mexico. These 2 men are smiths that I would have never met without the net (Anvilfire and Iforgeiron). Good time was had. I would love to make it to Joe Rolfles hammer in and Possum's as well. Meeting here on the net is good to exchange ideas but then also meeting in person really makes for good time. I have journeyed to meet Junior Strasil (Irnsrgn) at his shop. Smaller world than you think folks.

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