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Hey guys, I have newb question. I just finished the shell to my forge and added the Inswool (I have not added the ITC-100 to the wool yet) and I installed the burner that I picked up from Ellis knife works. The lining is two layers thick and the burner flare stick into the wool about 1 layer. I formed a funnel shape into the liner to help hold the flame. Once I fired it up, I closed the back with soft fire brick and it started heating up. At 5 psi, it got the flat steel up to orange heat rather quick. I then noticed that the flare was at a orange heat as well when I looked up into the burner. Is that normal? Even in the videos of the burners being tested, I did not notice that the flare was that hot but mine gets red hot quick. If this is too hot any suggestions would be appreciated to correct the problem or am I just worrying over nothing?

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Move your burner in past the insulation, it would not make any real change to the insulation other than shortening its life span. You could also make a sleeve for the burner to fit into that just clears the insulation and hold the burner in place. Pics would help as my answer is a guess to your question at best. have fun

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