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I Forge Iron

Finally walled up my smithy!!!

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Looks good, wish I was in the country- I am right in town population about 250,000 this time of year, but my neighbors are cool, they don't complain about anything.

I'm blessed in the fact that my closet neighbor is my sister and her family. She says she can hear it if she's outside. She's just tired of my brother-in-law dropping what's he's doing to come turn the crank on my blower!!! I dont ask him. It's like Pavlovs dog. I hit the anvil and he comes a runnin!!!
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Thanks. I'll soon add a cable to raise and lower it. It really keeps the weather and critters out.

WOW,you have 4 walls!I have 2 walls in both parts of mine,fine for the summer but a little breezy in the winter,but you have to be tough to be a smith,right?Regards Butch
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