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Bradley 300# Upright

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We went with purple as a final color, with silver trim and drive components. Purple power hammer sounds a bit rude, but there you have it.

After a three year project, buying, moving it 300 miles, building an addition to house it, digging a five foot deep foundation, moving the machine inside, cleaning and repainting and this week setting her on her new concrete its been a very long road.

Attached is a before and after pic.




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We once made a set of fabrication tables for a place I worked. They were steel frames on heavy-duty locking casters, designed to take a 4X8 sheet of 1.25" MDF that could be easily replaced every year. We powdercoated them on the cheap by using whatever powder had missed the metal on other products, and ended up on the floor! We were only charged labor for the job, and not materials.

They turned out some sort of weird mottled grey-brown.....

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