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I was given an anvil recently that I'm very excited about; the anvil I have been using is borrowed and much smaller. There's a section of face on the new one that is missing, and it's pretty beat up, but I'm happy to have it. It was found half buried at a facility that opened around 1905. What can you guys tell me about this thing (age, etc)? Can I build up the missing face section and grind it flat?

Here's some photos:




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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! If you can make out the serial number, left side of the front foot, then we can tell you how old. (I tried but could make it out) No matter the age, it is still a good tool, and the price is the kind I like... FREE!! Looks like you have it cleaned up nicely so put it to work, quick, before it starts rusting! BTW, where you located?

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Thanks for the replies, guys...

I've reviewed the Robb Gunther method; looks good to me. I assume my HB has a cast or wrought iron base, and tool steel face/top; does AIA identify if my base is cast or wrought? I can't see any joining line, any idea where the "top" and "base" juncture is? I'm excited to be able to fix this thing up. That missing section is in a bad place!

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