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geeze hope none of you folk are caught in these tornadoes over there ,thoughts are with the folk that are,hard to imagine so much power ,take care :(:o

Thanks for your thoughts and concerns. Many of the areas hit have never had tornados or had never had them that strong. We had some here in North Carolina and there was loss of life but not near what Alabama had. We will rebuild and carry on.

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I was just stunned the other night while watching the late news, that thing was huge in Tuscaloosa, AL, I just can't imagine seeing that tear through my city. Here in the Southwest we have mircobursts that tear a few things up but nothing like that and an occasional tornado that tears up a few houses but all are short lived. I saw a tornado in Oklahoma that touched down and carried off a storage shed and it was over in a moment and gone but something like that monster is some deadly that I just can't fathom it. I spent the night praying for them folk and hoping that none of our folk here were hurt or dead. I lost a lot of sleep. I got kin folk in Indiana but none that far south that I know of, one can only pray that the weather settle down for this year. :o

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the town of Newborn Georgia had what they are calling an F1 tornado early thursday morning (1:30 AM)the storm knocked down about 25 very large trees that were over 100 years old, they inturn took the power out all the rodes in and out of town were blacked by the trees it took most of thursday to get them cleared so they could start restoring power it came up at 5:30 pm friday...I live just out side of town we just had high winds and no power ...

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