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Who shaves with a straight razor


Do you shave with a straight razor?  

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  1. 1. Do you shave with a straight razor?

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I have been Shaving with a straight razor since 2004. I tried everything out on the market up to that point. I bought my first razor in an antiques shop in Las Vegas, New Mexico. I only shave about every three days as the closeness of the shave allows me to e lazy.

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I'm with Thomas, I have only shaved once since September 1968 and that because I had to have throat surgery and the surgeon wouldn't do the surgery unless I did a full facial shave. I just couldn't understand that, they did the whole thing through my gapping maw, no incision anywhere :blink: Who wants the scrap their hide anyway? <_<

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Where does one learn to use a straight razor? I imagine it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

You get a shave-ready straight and go for it!

There are a few websites that are considered reputable on other boards that offer a vintage straight that is shave ready, but not much of a looker, and a strop for reasonable cash. These other boards that dedicated to personal grooming that can offer assistance in how to proceed. My first shave with a straight was bloodless. It was when the edge was worn and needed work that I cut myself!

I would recommend http://BadgerandBlade.com as a good starting place.

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