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replacement handle for a Tom Clark or Hofi hammer?

Sam Salvati

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According to Hofi
The wood I use is mostly '' epea'' very hard and tough wood and hard ''maple''. Hickory is not available in Israel other wise I would use it. A carpenter which is a friend of mine cuts the wood to planks 1-1/16 x 1-3/4 x 12''.

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Sam doesn't live in New England, he lives in New York. Plenty of good wood there too though.

Ipe is now relatively common in areas of high end homes. It is extremely tough, very durable and resistant to weathering. It is commonly used for decking.

Special caution must be used when working Ipe. The dust is poisonous and can cause rashes even externaly.

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Thanks EVERYONE! I should have clarified it is for a friend's Tom Clark Hofi style hammer, I was just trying to gather some info for him, he is very distraught his favorite hammer is out of commission :D

thanks again everyone for your kind offers, I know where to go if my hofi handle breaks!

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