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anvil flyer

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an amazeing old friend of mine died recently ,he truely was a guy born 100 years late,he left me a lot of his smithing ,wheelwrighting gear,among the gear was this (guessing 50's )flyer of an aussie made series of anvils,cheers ,glen


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Those anvil have mounting lugs identical to Fisher anvils. Curious. Their style and emblem location also looks just like a Fisher. Did these anvils ever get made in Au? Anybody have one? Fisher did export around the world. I wonder if someone was attempting to market then there. BTW, I am only speculating on this. If anyone DownUnder knows any more, I would love to hear about it. Thanks.

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i think you would have a good trade if you reproduced it as a poster i'd buy one,what are its dimentions.(copy right???)

its only a small flyer,i had it blown up and both sides printed then framed,i know this mob arn't in bussiness any more ,copy right no idea,its a long thing and wont fit in my scanner ,cheers ,glen
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Hi guys! Glen was kind enough to take a digital picture of the flier and send it to me. I spent a couple of evenings doing some touch up and lens distortion correction and then printed in on a large format printer. Here is the result:


I'd be happy to make prints if you would like to have one hanging in your smithy. The ones in the picture are about 19" long by 8" tall (48cm * 20cm if you prefer). I can print them up to about 37" long by about 15.5" (94cm * 38cm) and keep the quality decent. Since the company is out of business there doesn't seem to be an issue with copyright.

For a pair of the 19" * 8" prints it would be $15 plus shipping. If you are interested in a larger size, let me know and I'll figure out a price. The ink and paper I use are Epson archival grade and when mounted using acid free mat and UV glass are expected to stay fade free for 200 years. If you use thumbtacks to hang it in the smithy YMMV :rolleyes:

FWIW, I'm not trying to make a profit here, I just thought it would make a cool poster you might enjoy. The ink I use has a shelf life of about a year and costs $60 per cartridge and there are 9 cartridges! I'd prefer to print them at cost to throwing the ink away.


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