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Flower power

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For those smiths up nawth whose AZALEIAS are just about to bloom, how i envy you the pleasure of studying these blossoms, so evocative of spring and so quickly gone. Look with a smiths eye to make them in steel. a carefull study will show a funnel shape that divides into five petals on the inside of one petal is a textured spot a leather look. All the rest of the petals are smooth and deeply fullered, The petal is Islamic dome shape on the end, and flat.With the fuller grooves starting about one quarter of the way into the cone. I have plenty of pictures from our glorious moment of spectacular colors these shrubs afforded us, Here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA. I just recently aquired a steel shelf of some very thin gage and it is textured like the flower petal so in forging the steel flower, i shall leave the detail there. And draw the rest smooth, fuller, then roll the funnel shape on a bick. Nature makes them without a seam i don't think i can. At this moment the big magnolias are just starting to bloom, i have made them before and am contemplating a steel bowl holding magnolias and azaelias.

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