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The 150A Phoenix air hammer has been listed again on Ebay. I think this is about the 3rd time it was listed. I offered him 5,500.00 for the hammer if it didn't sell. He said I wasted my time. His opening bid is 10,000.00. I paid 7,500.00 for my Phoenix 150B delivered new. I personally like the B model better because you have better clearance around the anvil. The anvil on my 150B weighes 2500 pounds alone. The anvil on the A model is part of the flame cut 3" frame which does not weigh near as much as mine plus the one peace has much less room to work odd shaped material on.

I like my Phoenix but have to believe that at 20,000.00 the 150A is way over priced. I just paid 8,500.00 for a Sahinler 50 that is just a little over 1 year old and has already been converted to single phase, has the optional metal base and an extra pair of dies as well as some other toooling for it. With it I do not need a compressor.

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That is what I told him. I said that the economy is the reason no one has bidded on the hammer with a beginning bid of 10,000.00. I hate it for him but it ain't gonna happen. The one and only hope he has is that someone that is going to buy a new Phoenix anyway just happens upon his add. The odds of that in this economy are none to none.

I am in agreement with you there... The Phoenix is a really neat hammer and Id like to own one.. But 10 grand for a used one is just more than a reasonable person would spend in this economy...
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