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1 hour ago, Frosty said:

Oil rig drill crews might send a new guy to find Kelly Bar or Stan Pipe. 

Or tell the worm that "it's raining, go close the V-door"

Or a favorite trick the roughnecks played on the new mudloggers was to pitch red bricks down the hole and see what happened when the mudlogger got the ground up bricks in the cuttings samples.

Thomas Powers may have had that pulled on him once.......

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Carrying a 5 gallon bucket of water up to the water table was an old one.   I didn't get brick; but one time I worked a 16 hour tour, drove 2 hours to take a 12 hour tour for a sick guy, drove back 2 hours and caught another 16 hour tour.

Any way when I showed up at the sick guys unit I had to use the porta potty really bad and the hands thought it would be funny to tie the door shut while I was in it. (at lest they didn't turn it over!) Being a Lot Younger/thinner/more athletic I just  pushed the top of the door open and climbed out and went to work.  About an hour later a rig hand pops into my logging unit and i said "can I help you?".  No more trouble on that rig! (And having anyone who needed the porta potty not being able to use it because the door was tied shut for that hour was a subtle revenge...)

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