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Website on opening a Shop in California: zoning, etc.

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I remember finding a website several months ago while in the process of opening a new shop in California and it was an incredible resource for how to go about abiding by some laws and finding loop holes in others. I can't recall the site now, but if anyone knows of it or another site like it, please let me know. It wasn't suggesting that you go about anything illegally, but it did have some bright ideas for how to make all of the insane California laws manageable. Thanks so much!

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I dont know of any web sites for that info..you can go to the local building code/enforcement office and should be able to find out any rules as far as building code rules for setting up a shop.

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The only things I miss from CA are the trees, and fresh produce. After almost 40 years there I was glad to make a break.

Every city, and county will have different codes, besides state regulations, that you will have to follow. That website must have been pretty extensive if it covered all of CA. Look up your local county, and city gov't websites, as they usually have this info posted. Look under home based business, and building codes for starters.

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