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I Forge Iron

I really shouldnt. But i really want to.

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One bid, 7 days to go. Anvil is a "painted lady." Seller is convinced it is only a decoration, and wants the concrete pad removed with the anvil.

Best of luck to whoever gets it. Because of this being a local pickup only, buyer removes, I suspect it will go low for ebay prices.


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At this very moment I am trying to convince my better half to go on a day trip with me to get it.
Her argument is that I already have two big anvils, why do I need another.
And I just told her that if it was a kitten that had been painted and chained to a cement block she would want to go this minute to "rescue" it, (she's a cat lover) it just so happens to be an anvil that needs to be rescued and so it is my duty to do so.
Think ill try the promise of going to cheshire zoo to try and sway her judgement. Wish me luck

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oh!! i think you might now have some competition ( he says licking his lips while looking at the photo of the anvil ) hahahaha ( evil laugh ) but i think it may be slightly too far ( considering it is 135 miles away meaning a 270 mile round trip!) :( what a shame! But since i can't have it! I definitely think you should give that poor anvil a better home!

alec :D

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Please rescue that anvil. I feel the same way about cannons and artillery pieces that sit in parks. Why waste a perfectly good piece of iron or steel?

Here I beg to differ!!!!!!!!! When I was a kid I often used to marvel at guns(cannons to the uninformed) in parks etc. I think it was a large reason for my chosing the Artilery as a opposed to another Corps when I joined the army. I would like to see more spiked but virtually operational guns on public display.

Sorry to be contrary but it's how I see it. Anvils however need a nice warm home..... used apreciated and displayed(even if only on IFI) :D

Regards Ian
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This is a tricky situation.

The fact that this anvil seems to commemorate the local foundry it came from means that there is a good chance that this anvil is in pristine condition - probably straight off the foundry floor. The edges in the picture look clean and straight - all the edges. The paint on it has probably done an excellent job of preserving it - even outside all these years (... the ONLY good thing to be said about people who use anvils as lawn ornaments). And at 170 pounds stirling - that anvil is a steal, even if you convert it to US or Canadian dollars.

BUT, that's still a lot of cash to lay out for a third anvil (... says the guy who has 4 anvils ... :)).

You could always invest in rescuing that anvil and clean it up. If it is bigger and in better condition than the ones you already have, you could keep that one and sell one of your other ones for the cost of this one to balance it all out.

That way you get the satisfaction of rescuing an anvil from the ignominious fate of a lawn ornament, and offer another struggling smith the chance to buy a big anvil at a reasonable price ... good blacksmith karma all around ;)

Just like rescuing kittens ... kinda ...

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