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Thanks for starting this thread for me.

I check into a St. Louis, Mo. hospital 10:00 AM CST Feb 28 and have my 4th heart catherization soon after.
Not many can say that 51 yrs seperate cath #1 & cath #4. Yes 1960 was my first.

The main surgery will be the next day March 1 @ 6:00 AM CST.

A 6cm (well over 2") aortic aneurysm is finally coming out and a birth defective aortic valve gets replaced with a bovine model!

Some other IFI members will keep this post updated as new info becomes available to them.

It is nice to know that so many really care!

Back on as soon as I am able.

All BE safe!

Stan AKA: trying-it

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Our prayers are with you Stan. All the best to you and your family. I pray everything will be just fine. Renee tells me that there is a very good success rate with this procedure. She works in the hospital here. So, things look good. I can't wait to come and visit and hammer some iron with you. Get well fast.

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Update on Stanley: As of 10:44 am, the anerysm had been removed and the surgical team is looking for other damages and then will replace his valve with an artifical one from a bolvine. His valve could not be saved. The doctors said another possible 2 hours or more of surgery.

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Update on Stanley: He got out of surgery around noonish. They successfully removed the anerysm. They successfully replaced his valve. He did require 2 pints of blood, 2 pints of platletes and some frozen cells also. He is currently in ICU. If things go well they might start waking him up this evening or tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts! Keep them coming as he remains in ICU and throughout recovery.

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