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You know you're blessed when ...

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I have some amazingly talented and wonderful people in my life. First and fore-most is my wife who planned for me a great birthday party at our favourite cafe on Friday night. I also have some very talented friends - one of whom made for me the BEST birthday cake I've ever had. I'm glad to see the backside of 39 ... I'm hoping 40 will be better, but I know I'll have wonderful people along the way.

BTW, if anyone of you lives in the Hamilton area and would like to get a hand crafted cake for any special occasion, PM me and I can get you in touch with the lady who made my cake.



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Sam Thank You for Sharing, it is contagious!
It is generous of you to share your up-lifting and positive moment in time with us SAM.

The common thread of metal working of various disciplines (even more specifically blacksmithing), is what brings us together to share our knowledge about the craft (s).
And then over time, we start to develop relationships with other members who are found on this site.

It is through our relationships with other blacksmiths, that something much bigger than the topic of blacksmithing develops that is of at least an equal in value as the topic of blacksmithing.
And that is when we realize that that behind every person who forges steel for a living or as a hobby, there is a whole and living person who is experiencing the rigors of life just as we are.

Sam your willingness to share your time of joy in your life has been as important to me as when “ironstein” allowed us to share in the death of his faithful dog “Chopper”.
Both Ironstein and his wife (bless her) were distraught with grief when he invited the members here on “I Forge Iron” to give him suggestions about designing an urn for Choppers ashes to be placed in.

My faith in mankind was lifted up a notch when I observed the response to his request. Each person responded from deep with-in their hearts and poured out expressions derived from the milk of human compassion and kindness.
I could not have been more pleased than to hear the other comments and suggestions of compassion that had been expressed solely to lessen the burden of grief for Ironstein and his wife.
Each responder (and those who did not respond) is special in my eyes. I am sure many other people felt the compassion expressed, even though they never posted.

But I would like to point out what Nelson said about Chopper “the Pit Bull” “The look on your dog’s eyes is just pure love!

And when I see that photo of Chopper on “ironstein’s” posts, it makes me think about the perceived hard exterior that many blacksmiths want you to see, but it is only covering the tenderness of many blacksmiths hearts that I know!

Thank you again Sam, you proved how special blacksmiths can be by including us on your special day and providing the mantle that reflects the true heart of many blacksmiths.
Ted Throckmorton

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Thank you everyone for your kind words and birthday wishes.

Ted ... I don't know what to say. I'm humbled by your words and appreciate your heart-felt sentiments.
I hope to someday put faces to all these names I see in these forums ... many of whom, though we have never met, I would be honoured to call friend.
It's been a busy weekend and I'm looking forward to bed.
Good night all.

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Ted, well said. Everyones posts about chopper really helped my wife and I a lot. I couldn't have put it better myself, the heartfelt feelings expressed by all in this thread and many others restores my faith in the goodness of people. Like Karen Brazeal always says, the forge attracts the best people!

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