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My first anvil

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I am on my first steps in blacksmithing and for some time I am searching around for a reasonable priced anvil. Well I found one! A bench anvil (I think) 15 kg for about $95. Too expensive? <_< Don't think so. Prices here in Israel for used anvils start at $17/kg and up. The hardy hole is 15 mm x 15 mm, or, in imperial sizes 9/16 of an inch and as you can see by the pictures it is not aligned with the face plate. It has a striking resemblance with this anvil. The rulers are 40 cm and 15 cm.


There are some inscriptions not so clear that I hope will help on the identification of the anvil. Something like "GHN RQOKG" or some other possible reading "SCHN PRQOKG". As I said the inscription is a bit blur and most probably I made some mistakes while reading, even using a 8 x pocket magnifier. There are also two numbers that I could identify "86", few cm below the letters. The anvil is steel and not cast iron, to test it I hit it with an hammer and it rings like a bell!


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