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yet another what's it?


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Orientation is "as needed" for the job.
Angles between members is 90 degrees
Are the obvious ratios the same? Please explain or ask the question using different words.

Holes are intentionally placed at those locations
Scrap steel can be used for construction of this item
Size is dependent on the job

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Does the length of the short end divided by the length of the attached leg equal the length of the attached leg divided by the long end?

Looks like a square. If it wasn't a square I think I'd still use it as a square:) Is it a square with a handle?

Forge welded...great stuff

BTW, referring to the new photo, who is the lady in the hat on the left of the T and who is the bloke on the right, scratching his chin. Spooky

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Strine I like the idea of constructing such a device on the Golden Rectangle proportion. Clever of you to think of such a thing. Short leg vs perpendicular leg then perpendicular leg vs long leg. Clever indeed. Would make a dandy Blueprint (hint-hint). Any takers?

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