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hammer eye drift for power hammer


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hey guys,

I just spent a couple hours at the forge making two hammer eye drifts and some other hand toos. they came out ok but I also tried to make one for the power hammer,
This did not work and i am not sure where to go from there.
does anyone have experience making hammers with a power hammer?
what tooling do you use and got any pics?
any help would be appreciated

Thanks a bunch

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hehe, well grant,
the hand drifts I made will do OK, but the one i made for my 50# tire hammer is somewhat too tall for the stroke and It doesn't drift the hole symmetrically, that's my fault of course .
I am mainly wondering what others use for drifting the eye on a power hammer,
also wondering about cheeking the out-sides of the hammer eye...

thanks :unsure:

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well , my hand drifts are flat on the parallels, and rounded on the other sides just like in marks video, but the one i made for the power hammer was a little more rectangular and not so rounded,
i wouldnt say it was like a slitter, maybe the geometry is wrong on the taper of it...
will post some pics when i get some time, wont be soon though...:mellow: gotta work this weekend

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Need to get straight here. In just a few posts we've talked about slitters, punches and drifts. I'm so confused. I thought the original post was about drifts. A tool used to open, shape and taper the hole. Actually we usually use two drifts; one we knock through the hole and also use as a mandrel for working the cheeks and another to taper the hole.

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Took some photos of the punches and drifts we use under the 5cwt massey for punching and drifting eyes
We use a handled anvil punch to do the initial punching, then we whack in the tapered drift from both sides (the bit missing from the end is where someone could'nt find the hole in the bolster), then we have a finishing drift that leaves a nice radius on the top of the eye and also drifts the eye out to an easy fit for the size of handle we are fitting to that tool/hammer.





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