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Original colors of Buffalo #50 post drill?

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After looking for a couple of years, I finally found a Buffalo #50 post drill in good condition. I want to repaint it in as near the original colors as possible. Anybody know what that was?

As many of you know, the #50 is (I think) the smallest post-drill Buffalo made. I already have a larger drill mounted to a post in my shop. My idea is to rig a mount for the #50 that can be c-clamped to a bench and moved as necessary. Of course this would only be used for lighter work than the post-mounted drill. Anybody ever try something like this? Ideas?

Guess that was 2 questions...thanks a bunch in advance. I'll post pictures of my progress(?) as the project proceeds.

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Bart - Search the "members" for PhilsDrills - he has posted many pictures of assorted drills and items he's restored. Also - you've only had this post up for 2 days - some check this site at unregular times and may be a few days from seeing this post. Give it some time - someone will reply with the info your searching for. - JK

Here's a link for his Gallery : http://www.iforgeiron.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=gallery&mid=2636&search_app=gallery

After checking - it appears that some of the photos he has posted in the past have not made it through the last upgrade - try contacting him through IFI and he may be able to give you some insight that your looking for.

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