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bader contact wheel bearings help


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Hey guys,
I ran across a 8" contact wheel for real cheep but it didn't have the bearing hub assembly, and I cant find replacements for less than 90 bucks.
Does anybody know of an alternative hub assembly that will work?
or a cheaper alternative?:unsure:


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If you have a set of bearings, call up your local NAPA and read the numbers off the bearings to them. See if you get lucky.

I did that a while ago with a Craftsman table saw, the cast iron variety, Got the bearings, don't remember the price but it was less than $20. Sears wanted a whole lot more, and would take weeks. My parts guy had them the next day.


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On a visit to a bearing supply store they explained that bearings have a industry standard number somewhere on them. If you live in an area with industry check out the business listings and find a bearing supply store and take the bearing in to them. They charge a fraction of what a retail outlet would charge for the same bearing.

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