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I Forge Iron

Short forging video (using my new Bradley)

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Phillip it looks great. I have a 125 just like it and it's a beast. On the drawing die it will pinch a cold 5/8 square into with 2 blows. It will also taper 1/4 inch to a fine point with no problem. these are realy great hammers, however they don't compare well on the current test as the slack belt clucth don't get moveing till about 6 or 7 blows. Enjoy your hammer we will talk about your dies soon.

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Looking good, becoming more comfortable and finding the rhythm will increase as the work gets done. I would be interested to see some other Bradley hammers listed in the "test" go ahead and get it going around before you stick the stock in for the 5, 10 blows, its a little tricky more so with a fast hammer like you have.

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