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The heater coil on my dryer burnt out. $55 + sh for the new part and who knows when it will arrive. I found this trick on the web: Snip off the burnt ends where the coil has separated. Bend them into loops and hook them together. Coat with borax. (I heated them to orange with a propane torch so that the borax would stick). Turn the dryer on.

Since the loose ends are a high resistance contact they get very hot, hot enough to weld together at which point the resistance and the temperature fall. Worked like a charm. They say this kind of repair will last. We will see.

Tomorrow I will be trying to thaw frozen water pipes with my welder.

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AC turn it up hook the ground at one end and the + to the other and turn it on. Did it for many years on the farm...Bob

Thanks for the advice metal master. Why AC? I got lucky and the pipes thawed by themselves. I seem to have only one pinprick leak and thats on the faucet for the bathtub which is easy to reach and easy to shut off. I am going to put a small space heater in the crawl space and plug it into a temperature controlled outlet.
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