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It's a mystery so far.

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Seein's how I've lurked since Sept 05, guess it's time I posted and become active on this forum. I've gained more than my fair share of knowledge here, reading and keeping up with the threads, so it's time I shared as well.

This was posted by a friend on SFT and as yet we haven't been able to identify with any certainty as to what it is called, what it was used for and/or how it worked in it's day.

Any help would be appreciated in identifying it.






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If there was a scroll on the bare end to hang on a rod or to help hang onto it, I would say it was a pot lid holder. You slide the double hooks under the cast iron pot's lid to pick it up when it's hot. I haven't seen one with just a straight handle before, but similar items are commonly used for campfire cooking.

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I have no clue what it really is but my guess is that it is used to either grab or pull moving lines dealing with logging? I think I remember something close to this being used in some old logging footage where the guys were trying to direct and adjust the chains pulling up the fallen timbers. Thats my guess....I hope someone around here can give you the real use...I am curious to know too. Thanks for posting it!


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