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Anchoring and Coating Pleated Wool


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I have settled on using pleated wool to insulate the body of my new forge which will have a ribbon burner as its primary burner source. The forge is composed of a box type shell with front, back and side doors. The burner will enter through the top of the forge in perhaps a 4x6 block (I havent decided exactly how big or how many holes but I am thinking of Grant's design using crayons to cast the holes. The doors of the forge will be hinged with heavy duty hinges and the bottom of the forge will be hard firebrick. in point of fact the bottom of the forge simply doesn't exist. The whole thing is designed to sit on top of a pile of insulating bricks with two layers of hard brick over top of the insulating brick. The idea is that when the bricks get torn up, they can be replaced. Every wall and door will have 2" of insulation to work with. CAD images are attached.

The insulating will be 1/2" pleated "Safe" Wool from Thermal Ceramics. On top of the wool I had thought of a thin layer of refractory mortar or ITC-100 or both. That would be another question.

What I am basically seeking is the best manner in which to mount the pleated wool to the forge. One idea is a stainless steel rod welded and piercing the pleats of kaowool across the forge from side to side. However, there are hot faces such as where the doors meet the wall, so on that have nothing to weld the other end of the rod to. Another idea I read was to use steel rods to mount at the bottom of the pleats every X number of pleats. Of course I would still have to figure out how to handle the hot faces bit it might be easier if I use the rods at the bottom of the pleats. Are there any other options I should look at? If I were to do the anchored rods at the bottom of the pleats, do I need to use stainless or can I get away with mild steel and why? One think I want to make sure is that the pleats dont fan out like an accordion on those hot faces at the doors, I need them to be flator it wont work.

Thanks in advance.



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