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Compleatly redressed hand sledge

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Alright, first off, this sledge started life as a 3 pound drilling hammer who's stubby fiberglass reenforced nylon handle had been badly damaged.
since it was a super-cheap china hammer which usually have either a really soft temper or really hard temper I completely re-tempered the head to a nice light golden brown, I used a reducing flame for the heat to reduce scale, and multi-grade motor oil for the quench, the handle is fire hardened rock maple sapwood that has been seasoned for 6-8 years in a covered stack of fire wood, and is held in the head by a silicon epoxy blend and three wedges, finish is colored wax mixed with boiled linseed oil and Thomsons water seal.


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(I will now draw attention to the subtitle for this thread, this is what happens when I make threads when I'm worn out.)

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