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Hi Phil

This is probably much the same as what you are doing, 2 led's (diodes) in parallel, tail to head.
I have my doubts about the way you are doing it, but then I am most often wrong, not that it stops me
from sprouting anyway <_<
This is what I was going to suggest, based on 24vac, choose a resistor value to limit the current
to about 15 - 25mA, use a diode, like a 1n4148 or 1n4007 connect cathode to anode and anode to cathode.
The diode prevents reverse voltage problems.

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If it blows an LED diode, then I will definitely go the route you suggest. I am a hack at circuit design, and admit it.

I just need to get the 3A 1K resistor, and wire it into my device.

BTW, the receipt I can't upload is for US$40, all from Radio Shack.


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I did some more reading based on your suggestions. Glad these components are cheap! I am going to switch to separate resistors per LED based on some reading I have done, and I will put in separate diodes for each LED. Happily this only cost little more than pocket change.

Depending on the diode type or materials used in the diode, exceeding reverse voltage can ruin a LED faster than exceeding forward voltage.

I get about 27VAC open voltage off my coil.


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