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I Forge Iron

Hunting & capture of the elusive

Dillon Sculpture

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First spotted 5000 years ago and known as (one who beats on rock)

Known now to dwell in smoke filled cave only lit by the fires glow, surrounded by so many tools one cannot comprehend the use let alone the production of such things. Appearance is of a large bearded figure that uses straps to hold various piece of leather to clad its body. Large hands covered with the calluses, face as black as coal. Noises made are clank, bam and sometimes grunt and the smell, well we shouldn't even go there.

Some people leave bits of metal laying about such as anvils, hammers and the occasional tong to try and lure the beast but more often the more prevalent is captured, the mangler of metal things a student smith. One will also get some of those pesky (my grandfather used to be a blacksmith folk) One thing is for sure, do not for any reason feed these critters beer and expect them to leave.

I have found the only way to truly find the top game is to TRACK! The evidence of the MASTER BLACKSMITH is easy to spot and is most prevalent in the old country. The first sign is the highest quality craftsmanship you have ever laid your eyes on, made with the hand of unimaginable ability, marvel in its own right the work is a mystery of construction unparalleled by any man or machine.

So, follow these signs any way you can, internet, books, pictures, a forgotten whisper and soon you to may come across one, but beware, they may lead you to your ultimate doom, for you will aspire to be one too.

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