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pritchel hole

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Hi everibody,(Hi Dr. Nick!!!, just kiding)

I'm in the process (stil) of building a anvil from railroad. I cut a 4 feet long piece in half and welded them together, side by side. With oxy acitelene torch I cut the horn and the feet. I was able to find in a scrapyard owned by a friend a piece of chromium steel plate with 1" thick. I was able to cut the hardie hole with a angle grinder and a very thin disc, but I'm having problems in drilling the pritchel hole.
I'd like to know if this tipe of steel can be annealled (I only bring the exact piece I needed - shame on me!!), if so I was thinking in anneal it localy (with the torch) and then drill the hole.
Any ideas??
I'll put some pictures of the litle beast as soon as I can find the nick of time to take and upload them.

Thank you all.

Miguel Guerreiro

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Thank you all,

I've got the Alexander Weygers book the complete modern blacksmith and I've allready seen that in there. Nice book by the way.

I'll absolutely try the drilling with the bit you sugested. Now that you talked about it I remember to see a friend of mine who is a machinist drilling thru some bearing with such a drill, at that time I really take him for crazy but it did worked. Thank you for bring it back in my skull again.

I'd have to say that this is some hard stuff, it has ring to it that leaves you with bells in your ears.

Thank you once again.

Miguel Guerreiro

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