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Has Anyone Got...

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Looks like a tin knockers tool, or sheet metal tool.

Ya but it looks like they completely mushroomed and deformed the one end.
Weird looking tool though - can't tell where it would mount to a bench or anvil.
The section that looks like a foot does have a slight flange around it but it doesn't look like enough to keep it stable if you're pounding on it.
Truth be told .. I got nuthin' :blink:

Anyone else?
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To me it's patently clear that what you see before you is a thingimabob number 5, I'm surprized at your obvious 'lack of knowledge and/or apreciaton' :P
In my army days the instructors would have responded "Dumb Question Sit!" so it's possibly a DQS5?

My goodness Sam, where do you find these things? Please do'nt stop looking--I find this sort of tool facinating, in truth it looks like it might be some sort of shoemakers tool that has been abused at some point?

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If you carry it across the shop and put it to work then it`s "exactly the right tool for the job".
If you throw it back in the drawer/box/bucket/truck then it`s more useless junk.
With the properly applied modification techniques I find most anything from the second category can be magically transformed into something from the first. :)

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