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Anvil face Rockwell hardness numbers?

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Hardness testing; yes---over at anvilfire their Anvils: Testing Rebound is a hardness test.

Rockwell-C, not so much.

I've actually seen plans for a homemade hardness tester that uses this principle, and the idea is that you can use test samples of known hardness to calibrate the tester and convert the results (basically % rebound) to RC. Unfortunately it seems to require a big, solid mass of test material in order to work. Great for anvils; not so great for knife blades. (And yes, there are plans out there for an actual homemade RC tester, but it looks like a bigger bite than I want to chew.)

Sam, I've looked for the information you're seeking. Other than a few manufacturers who advertise particular RC hardnesses for their anvil faces, I haven't found much. This is very interesting info, but it doesn't tell us much of anything about hardness of the actual anvils as delivered (except that most of them are probably in the mid- to low-50s, RC, at best): http://www.hybridburners.com/documents/M-Main-on-anvil-steel.pdf
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