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Hammered at Moony's 2010

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This year's event attracted the usual Aussie suspects along with some international participation from both the UK and US. Moony's shop opened for the weekend to all manner of ironworkers and professional Smiths, allowing many to exchange ideas and processes. All experience levels were catered for, from the anvil circle to the numerous power hammers. While many spent the weekend working on small stock it was also an opportunity to watch the professional techniques employed under the big Massey. Dinner was a massive success, with a traditional firepit BBQ; the hot rocks being replaced by large pieces of hot iron. All parted ways on the Sunday looking forward to next year's event ...







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hi mates ye we all had a great weekend and the 10 station forge worked a treet with many new freinds and old one here, it was a real pleasure to have every one over and to enjoy the pleasure of forging ,and many thanks to my great mate paul westra for the hungi he worked on it most of the day 3 cheers for the chef. as we all eat our over fill
again cheeres to all,, a GET HAMMERED!!!! WE DID

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Looks like you fullas had a great time. Good to see you're into the hangis over there! Have you got any history on that old Alcosa forge you've got there? I have one in my shop just like it. It came over from England with a blacksmith around 10 years ago, and the guy told me it was made in 1873.
Thanks, Jason.

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Looks like it was yet another great year for MOONY's 'Get Hammered' event. Now that Alan Balls 'Hot Iron Muster' is most likely a thing of the past (a real shame and down to his very poor health) this looks set to become one of the biggest of the Aussie Blacksmithing shindigs.
I hope that I'll be able to make it over again, Glenn is one of the nicest blokes and I know that he has to work his ---- off to make this thing happen, along with some other blokes (like my other great mate from down under, Dale Russell) and that it put him out of pocket to do it, so i hope those of you lucky enough to go enjoyed yourselves.

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G'Day all ,
Yep MOONY knows ow ta put on a PARTY

39 people signed in , 3 being international's . Of the 39 their was 22 AUSSIE IFI members " WOW " it was " 3 " ( excluding MOONY ) the first yr

Next yr's is already being planned , Pig on a spit for Saturday nite

Numbers are " limited " & still ave ta work out a price ( all this will be announced later , as the dust is still settin' at MOONY'S )

Rich Hale's Sub Hilt Fighter was raffeled off & won by a first yr apprentice blacksmith ( 3 months inta his time ) Had to " borrow " the $ off his boss to pay for the ticket ( Hope Phil don't make him work too hard ta pay that off ... :) )

Had a BLAST ( i think ) not much hammering done due to my shoulder , but did help Jeremy K holding stock / tongs / tool's ect a bit

Can't wait for next yr ta come around ( hope ta be able ta do a bit more by then too )

Dale Russell

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