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I figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Lucas and I am just getting into smithing. I have several other hobbies that involve ancient tools and methods. (Manuscript illumination and calligraphy is the primary). I currently live in Blacksburg, VA and am intending on taking a 2 day beginning blacksmithing class in Floyd, VA. I didn't know if there are any blacksmiths on here from my area, but I would love to learn whatever I can. I am interested primarily in the self sufficient homestead aspect of smithing, and as I'm a man, anything with a blade on it is always good. I've done very minimal smith work. (reforging nails to make styli for wax tablets for calligraphy work). Well that seems like a long enough intro. I hope to learn a lot here (Spent the last couple days reading forum posts) and maybe meet other smiths in my area.


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Welcome, Lucas. Blacksburg is a bit of a haul from me, but I think there seems to be a pretty active smithing community throughout Virginia. I'm sure you'll find some folks here who can help you get started.

The Old Dominion Blacksmith Association isn't too terribly far from you, I think: http://www.olddominionblacksmith.com/

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The Blacksmith guild of Va.
Is having a hammer-in this saturday in Amelia at the Yesteryear School of Blacksmithing
Expecting a little over 100 smiths to attend
Lots Of tailgaiting ( tool sales )
Peter Ross is the featured demonstrator ( Past MASTER smith from colonial Williamsburg )
Does everything the old way
If you have a few minutes check us out at
And of course
Yesteryearforge on this site
And we are on facebook as well
As always our events are free to attend
You are welcome to come hang out it you would like

Mike Tanner

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