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Where can I get/make knife handle pins?

I am makeing a wood working tool for my step father for fathers day and wanted to have it ready togive to him this weekend, as I won't be here next weekend. I am almost finished (I will post pictures) but I just need to know where or how to get pins or any other way to holde the handle on.

By the way this is probably my first peice that is worth has turned out ok.
Its sort of a scratch awl one end with a blade/markier on the other. I seen a picture of it a few days ago and remembered what I had seen.

Thanks in advance for any help ^.^

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you can make your own pins from fluxless 1/8 inch brass braising rod. Or you can order custom pins from Texas Knifemakers Supply. If you need smaller pins, they make welding rod is smaller diameters too.


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Ok so it's done and handed over to him, He liked it from what I could tell :)

Its a tool I think he could use while doing his wood crafting. he needed something to scribe lines and nail points. it will also help him in his boating as he comes across tight knotted wet rope often and can't get his fingers to make the rope loose, so he can use the spike at the end to help untying knots. the other end of the tool is sharp for making lines in wood and cutting rope.

It started as a piece of 3/4" round mild steel. The handle is red oak with a Mahogany finish. and the pins are Brass screws, that is why one end of the pin looks larger than the other side.

This is the very first thing I have made like this so its not perfect. :)


For those who can input, What do you see that I could have improved with a few simple steps or more care?

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This is the very first thing I have made like this so its not perfect.

Well, the first thing I made resembled a coat hanger that had been run over by a lawn mower :? .

Looks good!

Only thing you might try next time is to use a mid- to high-carbon steel so you can harden it up a bit. You'll never tell the difference when picking knots, but a heat-treated piece would stand up to the cutting and scribing a little better over time. I'm thinking that a coil spring from an old car or truck would fit the bill.

Also, you might want to fix him a little leather "boot" to cover the cutting edge. I get nervous when I'm using a tool with a sharp edge staring back at me.

Good work. Now get busy and make some more stuff.
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