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will this make a good forge blower?


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I was looking at electric blowers here and there and came across this one.

I was wondering if it would be strong enough to supply my new forge?




yes, go for it. just make sure to add an air control either with a gate or a rheostat. thats a heck of an airflow
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Well I ordered one of those blowers and it came today. So after I made a scroll jig using my old faithfull Champion 40, and laid some more block, I made an air gate and adapter to fit the square blower mouth to the round air pipe. I had some installer stupidity trouble at first which made me think that the blower wasn't strong enough, but after the light bulb clicked and I made some adjustments, things went smoothly. It seems like this baby is packing enough air to really heat some metal.

Air gate closed!

Air gate open!

It went from a smouldering fire to this in about ten seconds!

And after 20 seconds!

I used a leather gasket of sorts to help seal the blower to the adapter I made. It works well with little air loss.

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