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Just purchased #100 Hay budden Anvil

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Hey all I live in Charleston, SC and I have been searching for an anvil for some time now. Anyway everything that I saw was either to far away or I had to pay shipping for one. And shipping for a 100 to 150 pound anvil is a bit pricey. So in my recent searching I came across an ad out of Pageland, SC which is on the border of SC and NC North east of Columbia. It was about a 3 hour drive from where I live in SC.
Anyway I drove out there yesterday and the guy has over 30 anvils in his garage, he doesnt use any of them just collects them and purchases them from auctions. So just to let you guys know I am a beginner bladesmith. So I did as much research on anvils I could do before going out there.
Luckily when I arrived there was another bladesmith there who had 20 years under his belt, So I asked which one he preferred, besides the one he purchased his second choice was a #100 Hay Budden, and that was my pick. I ended up paying 325.00 total for the anvil.
I did a bounce test with a little steel ball and the anvil had a really nice ring to it along with a nice rebound. I also smacked it with a hammer and it rebounded well there too. It has a nice flat surface and the horn is in good condition as well. I brought my camera along with me but when I got there I filled with so much excitement that I forgot to take any pictures. But when I got home I took some pictures of the on I purchased . (Posted below)
So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to go about mounting this anvil so I can use in my garage. I know that the height needs to be at my knuckles while standing next to it. But the bladesmith who was there said that even if I were to mount it to a stump in my garage it would start skating on me when I do heavy pounding, because it only weighs a 100 pounds. So if anyone can give me some ideas that would be great. Also I heard that if you use oak that it deadens alot of the sound, in a good way. Ok thanks everyone and I am sorry for putting so much down. Oh and also if anyone would like this guy's phone number PM me for the info. He has anvils from 50 pounds of up to 350 pounds, also he has antique anvils that were made back in the 1700's and maybe even further back. All in all it is great place to purchase an anvil. The guy's name is Jerry Jenkins and his wife's name is Veronica Jenkins, and they are really nice people. Just let me know if you are interested and would like there information.


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For mounting, if it were mine, I would build a 3 legged stand, 2 towards the back and 1 under the horn. Spread the legs to give a good solid foundation (so it won't tip over! even a 100lb anvil on the foot will hurt. :P ) Check the archives for a thread on anvil stands, you will find this one along with other ideas for mounting. Both of mine are mounted on the 3 legged stand.
The "knuckle high" is a starting point, you will most likely want it a little higher than that, basicly you don't want to have to bend your back.
BTW, Nice looking anvil.

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Loogs like a beauty for bladesmithing allright!

BTW all the blades smiths I know like their anvils about 4" higher than knuckle height to save their backs. (Me included)

If you are scooting your anvil and stump around you are probably pounding it too heavily for the size of anvil. I have a 93# anvil just on a wooden baulk about 16" on a side and it works fine with a 2# hammer. When I go to the big hammers I go to the big anvils (515# or 410#)

Type of wood doesn't quiet your anvil; how you have it mounted to it does.

Fasten it securely to your stump and you can mount tip-up wheels to the stump so you can move it and the anvil around easily and have it sit securely when vertical.

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