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That is a seriously nice flame!! Looks HOT!!! :D
Please beware of the dangers of using galvanized fittings and Teflon tape near the hot end of the burner. Zinc and Teflon will burn back to where its no longer an issue, however in the mean time, there's a possibility of being exposed to the fumes created when it burns.
Welcome to the forum. Looks like you have a great start of your forge. Please do keep us updated with pictures. We love pictures :D


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post-14377-000396700 1288116844_thumb.jpyes phil, me can regulate the height according to the piéces which j 'ai has heat, c 'est big advantage for me, l 'isolation c 'est of the grain ceramic and a centimétre of cement
for dodge, I am going to abolish the teflon, thank you for your advice, I am going to take into account it thank you for your reception the guys and I send you of other photographs soon

post-14377-066559100 1288116813_thumb.jp

post-14377-012451400 1288116828_thumb.jp

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