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A couple of my latest bits


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Its been a while since I had something worth showing. Here are a couple pieces I finished in the last 2 days....

The aluminum parts are for a continental kit on a trailer. they measure 22" across and combined 7.5" tall.

The other piece is "art" it stands about 14" tall.

A little tip about aluminum- 3000 series dead soft is the bomb! Spins like Pewter and it cheeper!

post-6253-046743500 1287805471_thumb.jpg

post-6253-084614900 1287805555_thumb.jpg

post-6253-025711100 1287805601_thumb.jpg

post-6253-072274300 1287805635_thumb.jpg

post-6253-000863000 1287805666_thumb.jpg

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Really Nice Fe!

I love the shot from the back - any chance you could clean up that weld area?

The combo of positive and negative spaces from that view are REALLY nice but that weld breaks up the transition a bit sad.gif

Make sure to take pics of that Continental kit when it's finished!

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Thanks everyone for such nice words!

Its been a painfully long year for me and I'm REALLY looking forward to being able to work more "art" pieces this winter :D

I was wondering if anyone would mention the bird poop of a weld. You are right, it needs to go away!

With this piece I realized I need to work on my welding-Practice, Practice... In days gone buy, I would have O/A welded this but I'm soooo out of practice I didn't want to wreck it

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Yep... super cool stuff... I really like the contrast of the spun and forged metal... has some really cool possibility

And the spun aluminum... something about spun items that is very appealing... its like the same feeling as a forged item but the exact opposite... if that makes any sense... Anyway I dig it!

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The mandrel is made from Hard Maple. I think Birch wood be a bit soft. I'm looking at spinning some Harley fenders for a guy and we are discussing using Phenolic for the Mandrel. Should be some fun work as it will be even bigger and harder material....

Ya the possibilities are intriguing to me too. I'm only just beginning to realize what I can do with it. You would not believe how much like forging spinning really is. The inventiveness required and the manipulation of the material is very much like forging. One big difference, there is not a site like IFORGEIRON for spinning!

It will be done!!!

Thanks everyone for all the positive commnets...

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Hope ya got deep pockets,or a supplier of surplus. The last time I priced some Phenolic it was pretty steep. Can you do a core of something like fir, and veneer it with maple/phenolic? The phenolics I have are tough on compression, but seem to separate fairly easily when compressed edgewise.

I remember watching the hydraulic CNC spinning lathes at Mare Island NSY during one of the family days. Pretty cool watching the part form.

The only thing I have spun was an aluminum oval air cleaner base for a friends car. It fit a single four barrel. I used a 2x6 for the form, and a broomstick for the tool. Did it in my 18.5"x54" Monarch lathe run up as fast as it will spin-850. Came out really nice, if I do say so myself.

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