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building fusing kiln


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greetings from Alaska!

I'm building an indoor table top fusing kiln.
I'm working with .999 Silver and Gold, and 0-1 Tool Steel. (maybe PMC)
small scale.
I’m thinkin an adjustable box made of movable firebrick and ceramic wool.
~12" x 12" outer dimension.

I want to fuel with propane and need suggestions for burners. I want at least one overhead goosenecked fire pipe for preheating (pencil torch on a heavy bendable wire)

I'm building modular charcoal and solderite surfaces as a fire floor.
What would be the best 'loose, granular, material to partially bury .999 metals in,
with an eye towards heat sink capability? sand, charcoal, coke, coconut charcoal?

I’ll build an electrical ceramic heating plate (jecproducts) floor later.

precision propane burner suggestions? how to accurately control gas flow?

also, what are the possibilities for reading and controlling temperature with this design?

I'm not running complicated heat treat recipes.

any comments/suggestions welcome.
crazy (safe) ideas especially welcome!


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What kind of temperatures and heating schedules do you plan to run?

AFAIK the only kind of temp control for small gas heated systems is on/off. Heating furnaces and gas ovens etc just cycle the gas on an off with a thermostat. There has to be an ignition source to reignite the gas when it turns back on and some kind of safety interlock so that the gas cant turn on if the pilot light is not lit or the hot element isnt glowing.

Wouldnt a jewelry making forum be the best place to ask? I'm not saying you shouldn't have posted this question here, but smiths control their forge temperatures by eye and hand.

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