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Blacksmithing Video Demo's

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Hi all,
I'd like you to have a look at these please and tell me what you guys think of them. I shot them in Dale Russell's (Chopper) workshop a month or so ago to try the video function out on my camera more than anything else. It's a leaf keyring.

When Glenn's done some stuff I'll be posting some other video's here directly, other Smiths at work etc.

Enjoy Ian

YouTube - Journeyman Smith Demo 8

YouTube - Journeyman Smith Demo 7

YouTube - Journeyman Smith Demo 6

YouTube - Journeyman Smith Demo 5

YouTube - Journeyman Smith Demo 4

YouTube - Journeyman Smith Demo 3

YouTube - Journeyman Smith Demo 2

YouTube - Journeyman Smith Demo 1

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The video section of the IForgeIron Gallery has been operational for a long while.

Some of the videos sent to the gallery were 10 to 12 megs and larger and unable to be viewed by anything other than a high speed connection. We are working to get it tweeked properly so even these can be available to everyone.

If you combine a photo and text Blueprint with a video you have the very best of both learning tools.

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unable to be viewed and unable to be uploaded as well Glenn, as soon as video was an option for the gallery people tried, not always with success sadly. Because of the size issue I've linked to the video's as opposed to using the gallery, I'll wait till it's 'tweaked' before trying again.

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G'Day World ,

Alan , probably the only comment's youse woulda got off Ian's Video woulda been me in the background yellin' at Ian " Get It Hotter " or " That's enough , put it back in the fire " .............. LOL sorry Ian , couldn't help meself ..:)

Dale Russell ( formaly known as ) chopper

BTW Ian ,, good vid's mate

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