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I Forge Iron

Small Tanto


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Definitely a place to start from. I think you might want to extend the steel a bit further into the handle though. I think the basic rule of thumb is to have the steel at least 3/4 into the handle for stability. Have you had a chance to pick up any books yet? If not it might give you a leg up and help you get past some of the harder things to learn on your own. Whatever you do just keep at it untill you get where you want to be.

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very good, what shap of meterial did you start from? (ie. roundstock, barstock, ect..) and do you know what type of steel it is? what did you quench in? what temper color did you draw too? wow, thats quite a few questions. sorry, just don't answer the ones you don't know.

looks much better than all of my beggining tries. nice work!

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